Our services

We offer diverse and specialized services to address a variety of needs.


Community Homes

When our clients prefer to live residentially, we’re proud to support that choice. We currently provide service in seven community-based homes which support three to four individuals per home. Five of the community homes are wheel chair accessible while the other two are suited for individuals who are ambulatory. Clients are directly involved in making decisions about their living environments, and take pride in the appearance and maintenance of their homes.

In our community homes, the CSPD provides: personal support, meal preparation, menu planning and nutrition, household management, emotional and social support, assistance with accessing community services, health and wellness support and any other support as determined by individuals and their guardians.


Independent Living with Support

Independent Living with Support is a Residential option where individuals select their own accommodations. The primary goal for this type of arrangement is for individuals to live as independently as possible within their community. The support we provide in these cases is unique to the needs of each individual.

As clients confront new challenges, the CSPD promotes skill development and provides support in areas like: house maintenance, health and wellness, social and emotional support, and recreational activities. Most importantly, our services are flexible; as individuals’ needs change our style of support also changes to accommodate their growth.


Community Access

A program in high-demand, Community Access is often a retirement lifestyle option for our clients. This program affords participants opportunities to volunteer, socialize and explore their communities, while most importantly, creating and deepening friendships.

Clients in Community Access participate in regular events such as Social Nights and the weekly “Community Access Program” which encourages individuals to gather with friends and peers to partake in various CSPD activities.

Along with practising self-advocacy, and championing improvements in their lives and their communities, we believe that individuals in Community Access benefit enormously from the friendships and support they build through gatherings and functions.


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